Taffeta Tenrings


Taffeta "Taff" Tenrings


Self-Serving Social Climber and Charming Scalie


"A Dragon's Intuition": Taff can cast spells. She doesn't call them spells, though. Because she prefers to think of herself as a dragon, who can, quote, "just do that sometimes." She can attempt to cast any spell she's encountered before, with a -1 modifier. Spending a Fate point can bring this modifier to +0.


"All the world's gems are mine!": Taffeta's preternatural greed is a blessing and a curse. If she can be convinced that she'll get something very good for her hoard, she can be as loyal as the kindliest St. Bernard paladin. If the prospect of Getting Something Very Good comes between herself and the mission, one can also expect that she'll immediately pursue personal gain. Mechanically, situations that challenge Taff's loyalty can be more strongly affected by any suggestion of material gain.

Healthy Orange Complexion: Minor resistance to heat and fire. Weakened resistance to ice and cold, though. This largely affects her wardrobe, she really bundles up in the winter! But also, if she catches Cone of Cold across the face she's much more likely to complain about how her ears hurt for the next hour.

The Ten Rings: Once per day (or long rest), Taffeta can invoke at random the power of one of the ten rings she wears on her fingers. Roll 1d10 and select your effect based on the following list.

  1. Minor Devil's Hand - Cause an object that can fit into your palm to disappear for 10 minutes. The object will reappear without warning at the end of the duration.
  2. Minor Cast Sparks - Produce a small shower of sparks, just enough to start a campfire.
  3. Minor Transmute - For 15 minutes, cause an object weighing no more than 5 pounds to look like another object, which also weighs no more than 5 pounds.
  4. Minor Blackout - Remove the light from a nearby source such as a torch or bulb. Light removed in this fashion is projected from the ring for 5 minutes.
  5. Minor Ram's Charge - Produce a weak cone of force in front of the caster, dealing no damage but pushing back the target object or creature (of a size equal to the caster or smaller) 5 feet.
  6. Minor Dancer's Stride - Increase movement speed to sprinting for all actions for 1 round (combat) or 30 seconds (noncombat).
  7. Minor Minor Animate - An object within reach weighing no more than two pounds becomes animated as if haunted or possessed briefly, performing one attack on a target before animation ceases.
  8. Minor Fade - Become as translucent as a ghost and cast no shadow for 1 minute. You still take damage as normal.
  9. Minor Word of Confusion: Speak an eldritch word that challenges the mind, disorienting a target for 1 round or 30 seconds. This word cannot be remembered by you or the target.
  10. Minor Pretending: Substitute your Persuasion skill for the requirements of another skill check. The same skill check cannot be beaten twice in a row using this spell.


  • Guild Knowledge (Cult of Rakdos): 3
  • Athletics: 2
  • Perception: 3
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Sneak: 4
  • Street Sense: 3

Not counted toward total:

  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 2


General access:

A fun wardrobe full of cocktail dresses, leather pants, breezy frilly pirate shirts, and other demon-appropriate attire.

A hoard full of objects of indeterminable value. Hidden somewhere at home. Not for trading.

On her person:

One fencing foil, silver.

One pair of reading glasses, +1.75 magnification.

One pair of sturdy cuffed leather boots, 2" heel.

One deck of playing cards, standard.

One magical fountain pen, can write as dictated to when activated with the phrase "take a letter."

One fashionable outfit for walking around in.

Personal History

Taffeta's relationship with the Cult of Rakdos has always been something of a natural consequence of her demonic nature. It was the easiest guild to sign up for, with the least oversight into how she spent her time, and the least hangups about her demonhood. And also the least hangups about crime in general- which is great, for someone who likes to steal so much. As long as she doesn't go pulling teeth from Rakdos himself, the guild has always seemed content to just let her do her own thing as the minor-est of agents. She spent much of her life in the service industry, waiting tables and playing music at this tavern or that, rubbing elbows with celebrities any chance she got to act as waitstaff for the nicer venues.

It was at one of those "nicer venues" that she noticed that she could make a much larger heap of zinos if she just took them from affluent gladhanders who weren't paying attention. Wallets and purses started disappearing, rings would leave fingers, and occasionally a certain piece of jewelry would catch her eye and haunt her for months, until she could run it down at another venue and charm it off of the neck of the politician who supposed it was theirs.

Now, slightly more affluent and later in her years, a thirty-something Taffeta is looking for the next big score. It's time to graduate from daring but ultimately petty theft, to something more like a heist. Something that'll make her famous. Something that'll look really good when she throws it into her hoard. The scheming starts now, and we'll see where it takes her!